Wildlife in our wetlands

August 2016 buck deer in a monitoring plot

buck deer in monitoring plots

April 2015 a red fox was sighted

red fox

During the winter of 2015, a lynx was seen in the wetlands


We have 2 families of American Coots that we believe were hatched and growing up in the wetlands---August 2013


Commulative list of birds 2009 to Spring 2017

We have experienced an increased bird species from 26 in 2009 to a commulative total of 94 in 2017

Bird Count Spring 2017

Bird Count 2016

Bird Count 2015

Bird Count 2014

Bird Count 2012

Bird Count 2011

Bird Count 2010

Bird Count 2009


great blue heron
great blue heron
redwing blackbird
redwing blackbird

mallard ducks


geese and goslings

2 snowy egrets and a drake and hen
bull at the ranch
bull elk
golden eagle
Canada geese
blue bird
blue bird
northern harrier
North Harrier*
elk licking lips
calf elk licking her lips

robin catching a worm

evening grossbeak
  short tailed weasel taken March 16, 2012
short tailed weasel

* The Northern Harrier's white rump patch is easy to see in flight. Stiff feathers around its face help sharpen it's hearing.