Natural Organic Top Soil from the Animas Valley

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We have some top soil available for a short time as we are restoring 50 acres of wetlands at our Waterfall Ranch in the Animas Valley.

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Good dirt
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It is premium quality with a low ph and high natural nutrient levels. Our top soil is very unique as it is a blending of the sands that have come down the Animas River to be deposited in the Animas Valley and the soils that have washed down the Fall Creek drainage.  Where we are digging top soil is where they have met and blended.

Price is $25.00 per cubic yard, for wholesale prices call 970-759-5585 or email.

Screened top soil is $30.00 per cubic yard.

How much top soil do I need? Top Soil Calculator

We send different samples of dirt to Colorado State University and to Servi-Tech Laboratories to be analyzed.

2017 Top Soil Testing

Nutrients in the soil include nitrate, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, boron and manganese.

  • The Zink family has been growing flowers, vegetables, hay and wetland plants in our fields for nearly a century.  
  • We have had horses and cows pasturing on this land for decades.
  • We cut hay and then the horses eat it in and the leftovers are deposited into the soil.
  • Our top soil has good water holding characteristics.

Community Garden uses our top soil

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