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The primary advantages of using a wetland bank include:

  • We provide immediate resolution of the mitigation needed. After you received your letter from the USACE we can complete the transaction within a few days.

  • We have the water rights to grow and maintain a wetland.

  • We take care of the 5-10 year monitoring program requirements. These requirements include success of diversity of wetland plants, crown cover of trees, weed management, water testing and more depending on your requirements. 

  • We know our site will support the plants needed for your mitigation.

  • We take on the possibility of risks of site failure. 

  • Your risks are eliminated.

  • We have the long term financial assurance required.

  • We have the long term site management in place.

  • We provide the required conservation easement.

  • We cover the design, engineering, and construction costs of the wetland replacement.

  • We procured the expensive wetland plants.

  • We are responsible for weed management.

  • We have studied the science of wetland mitigation, we know what plants to plant at what elevation, at what time of the year, how much water they need to be successful and at what intervals.  We know the weeds and the science on what to do to eliminate them.

  • We have the responsibility for any damages done to the wetlands by humans or wildlife. Beavers enjoy cutting down trees in wetlands, elk like to use the trees as scratching posts and voles eat the young roots of cottonwood trees.

  • We monitor the health of the plants and take the necessary actions to ensure the plants succeed.

  • We pay for the annual monitoring reports that must be turned in to the USACE.

  • We save you time, money and resources.

  • We take care of the litter that enters the wetlands. 

  • You do not have to purchase additional land or use some of your land.

  • Small and isolated mitigation sites are difficult and expensive to manage in perpetuity.

  • We change a wetland problem into a finite expense.  You will not get another bill from us. You do not have to worry about ongoing expenses or budgeting for wetland expenses in future years.

  • Maintaining our wetland bank is our primary job, it is not an add-on to someone’s job description.

To summarize how the mitigation bank process works for you. The Army Corps of Engineers will provide you a letter with their mitigation requirement details. Our bank is one of the options you can use to meet your requirements.

  • You sign the contract and we receive payment. 

  • We provide the Army Corps with their copy of the mitigation certificate and they will sign off that you have completed your mitigation obligation in full.

  • It can be completely finished in just a few days.